Staying In A Hotel 千萬別錯過!旅遊是學英文最夯的話題,挑旅館更是重中之重!


Maria Chiu

  How do you choose a hotel? You may pick a hotel by its star rating. Hotels with two or three stars have small and simple rooms. They also don’t offer many services. Five-star hotels are the best and the most expensive. The rooms are large and have nice bathrooms. They offer many services, too. Book the hotel that’s right for you.

Conversation A  

(in the office)  

Greg:          Julie, take a look at this hotel room.  

Julie: It looks very nice. Are you going on a vacation soon?  

Greg:          No. I’m going on a business trip tomorrow. I'm trying to choose a hotel. 

Julie: What is that hotel’s star rating

Greg:          It’s a four-star hotel, so it’s a little expensive.  

Julie: Well, both the room and the bathroom look really nice. 

Greg:          I think so, too.

Conversation B   

Julie: What about that hotel?  

Greg:          The rooms look a little smaller than the other ones. 

Julie: You’re right. The room looks simpler, too. 

Greg:          This hotel is not as expensive. It only has three stars.